Clinical Microscope offers a good variety of clinical microscopy equipment for medical clinics or hospital diagnostic laboratories. A clinical microscope is used by laboratory technicians or physicians in a clinical setting to examine biological materials to make proper diagnoses and identification of pathogens. The clinical microscope would be the type of microscope used for these medical diagnostic applications. Specimens would be put on a glass microscope slide and viewed using transmitted illumination from below the slide. The clinical microscope is a high powered biological compound light microscope.

The parts of the compound microscope are the head, body, objectives, light condenser, and base. Versions may be either binocular or trinocular, with the trinocular clinical microscope having a photography port for capturing digital still or digital video images of the biological medical specimens with the proper microscope camera equipment. The clinical microscope must be a higher grade of compound light microscope than is normally used for viewing biological specimens.

The microscope objectives are usually the higher grade Plan objectives, and illumination systems usually have the higher grade Koehler field diaphragms. All would have capability for 1000x magnification using the 100x oil immersion objective lens. If you are in need of a clinical microscope for your laboratory, please contact us today to discuss your application and how we can find you the best suited microscopy equipment.